TVSD Continuity of Education Plan

Online Instruction

Twin Valley School District promotes a supportive, challenging, and collaborative learning environment for every student, every day.

During the period of school closure, in accordance with direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Twin Valley School District will transition to online instruction. Our online program will consist of both synchronous (live sessions) and asynchronous (pre-recorded videos, activities, and assignments) components.

On this page you find general program details as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can find additional information on the following pages

Schedule: We realize that this program is new and it will take some time for everyone to adjust to the online environment. For our first two days we will be focusing on orientation to the online environment.

  • April 2nd, we will be conducting online orientation for parents and students.

  • April 3rd, we will continue orientation and exploration activities for students.

  • April 6th, we will begin our online learning program.

Program Details:

  • TVSD Online will function much like our normal operation but in a digital environment.

  • Attendance is mandatory and will be taken daily. Please see the building schedule pages for additional details

  • Students are expected to conduct themselves according to Student Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Click here for a list of FAQs.

TVSD Continuity of Education - FAQs

TVSD Continuity of Education Plan

Here is the plan as submitted to PDE - TVSD Continuity of Education Plan

A Note about FERPA:

Twin Valley School District has made reasonable efforts to ensure that synchronous video conferencing is confidential and access is limited to students in the assigned groups. However, some of these services will be provided in a group format and when this occurs students will be able to see other students in the group. In addition, the Twin Valley School District is unable to control who else may be in the room in which a student is receiving these services remotely, including other family members or others who are living with the other students, who may observe the session and what other students are in the group. Due to the nature of online learning which may include Zoom and Schoology conferencing parents also acknowledge and agree that the District (although it will take precautions to try to do so) may not be able to ensure confidentiality per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). By agreeing to have their child engage in distance learning, Parents agree to waive the protections under FERPA during the time period of the mandatory school closing. At no time are students or their families permitted to record or republish any content from any video conferencing session. If Parents do not wish to waive FERPA during this time, they may opt-out of distance learning, but understand that due to the state of emergency caused by COVID-19, other types of instruction may not be available.